Dragon Age: Everwinter

Trouble in Montfort

John Montfort awoke this in the early hours of the morning to the sound of Glaurung, his trusty Mabari Warhound growling at the door. As this it not something that happens often, John decided to look outside the door. Immediately as he stepped outside of his room, he noticed a light go out in his father’s study. Upon further investigation John found out that the door to the study was in fact locked.

With the situation growing increasingly strange, John stationed his Mabari at the door and went off to fetch a guard, and eventually his father for a key to the study. Returning to the study with his grumpy father behind him, they both quickly noticed the prized family sword which had been handed down through the generations of the Montfort family was missing, and the window in the study was open.

John Montfort was in a rage. The guard standing outside the door sounded the alarm, and the city slowly began to wake up to the ringing of bells and clanging of guards armor as men scrambled to their posts. In the mean time however, Glaurung caught a scent, and the chase was on.

Running through the hall towards the nearest exit in nothing but his night clothes John Montfort quickly overtook the initial guard who sounded the alarm, and snatched the guard’s long sword on the way by. After sprinting through narrow alleyways and running across rooftops John Montfort finally got his first glimpse at the thief as she was making her way to the gate. Unfortunately, the guards who should have been stationed at the gate had run towards the lord’s manor to see what the alarm was about, and the thief was able to almost without effort scale the wooden wall and land gracefully on the other side while firing crossbow bolts at her pursuer.

But John Montfort had not given up yet. Anxious to finally prove himself in armed combat and in a fit of pure adrenaline fueled rage, John lifted the heavy wooden beam which barred the gate, and caught a glimpse of the thief running into the forest.

After fighting his way through the darkness for some time, John Montfort heard a horrifying scream from a little further into the woods. The thief was entangled in a web by two giant spiders, who were just about to feast on their prey when John stabbed one from below with his borrowed long sword.

After a brief melee combat, the spiders were slain, but the thief had managed to free herself from the web and was nowhere to be seen. However, the ever loyal Glaurung was still able to pick a scent out of the carnage, and the thief was found limping slowly, less than fifty yards away. When the thief noticed that John Montfort was still in pursuit, she finally gave up and collapsed to the ground.

John approached the thief, relieved her of her weapons, bandaged her wounds and bound her hands and feet. He then proceeded to throw her over his shoulder and start hobbling back to town family sword and all. The thief kept murmuring things here and there

“They are coming to take it you know?”
“I have failed them… I have failed the circle…”

But at this point to tired to care, and prideful that he had proven himself in combat, John simply said “Why should I trust anything you say, thief?” and silently limped back home as the sun begin to rise.



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