Dragon Age: Everwinter

The Evernight Prophecy

Into the Frostback

Two survivors a Circle Mage and Rogue, traveling from Redcliffe castle arrive at the gates of Montfort bedraggled and worn. Attacked on the road by Avvaran raiders the two just survived with their lives. Their companions a templar and a few guards protecting the traveling circle mage were not so lucky. Upon coming to Montfort the mage asks to meet with the local chantry and they are immediately escorted to Mother Grum.

Meanwhile, John Montfort is awoken by Davvies who berates The Lord for not being prepared. Davvies and his men of 15 are heading north to track down the Avvaran and John had agreed to go with them. Blearied eyed the young Lord does his best to gather his gear.

Arcturus Montfort Arcturus Montfort quietly watches as the guard prepares to leave. When he is approached by his sister. She tells him that she has not slept and continues to dream of a great wolf. Arcturus reminds her to not speak with the things that seem to come to her but she does not agree. Instead she gazes off distantly and speaks of an oncoming storm. In the distance over the Frostback the sky does seem darker.

As Lorien and Grum talk the Rogue enjoys a bowl of stew. Mother Grum questions the mage harshly deeply concerned that she travels without a templar. The elusive mage speaks little of the attack and eventually steers the conversation to the Montfort’s. Grum believes that the circle mage has come because of the elf held prisoner in the Montfort’s cell. She pushes Lorien to enquire about the elf and do something about the dark sorcery. Lorien and Drake agree and head off to meet the Arl and his lords.

John Montfort finally emerges from the manor dressed and prepared. Arcturus waits patiently but the retinue of men has all ready left the estate. But even as John and Arcturus prepare themselves to take their leave, Mother Grum appears and bears down on Arcturus.

Grum forces them to admit to holding the girl which they were never trying to hide. And tells them that the mage has come to do that which must be done. Maleficarum can not be tolerated. With some talking the group decides that Mother Grum should check on the elf girl. While the mage takes a look at the runestone. John must have forgotten to give it to his father seeing how it was still in his pocket.

Lorien recognizes the Lyrium stone. It’s marked with an ancient elven rune and while not certain, believes it to be connected to one of the old elven God’s. When she embraces the stone she can feel the power of the fade flood through her. Then she conveniently pockets the stone as its decided that she and the rogue would be useful to help track down the Avvaran’s after its revealed her templar was slain in the frostback by Avvarans. Only she and Drake survived the attack.

The party heads north intent on catching up to Davies and their men. They are successful, but Arcturus Montfort journeys ahead in an attempt to follow after the scouts sent out by Davies party. He encounters a frozen body of an Avvaran. While examining the massive warrior the frozen body begins to stir. Arcturus strikes and the body slumbers on.

He notices smoke in the distance and continues forward. Meanwhile Davies and John Montfort Continue to plan their next phase waiting for the scouts to return. The scouts don’t return. While distracted by the new addition of the circle mage neither John nor Davies notice the approach of cold dead men. Luckily the rogue spots them and gives warning and battle ensues. The men fight valiantly but are outnumbered. Even with the mage throwing her fire more continue to emerge from the wood. The battle seems to be turning against the men of Montfort. As soldier after soldier falls.

Arcturus explores the village that had been attacked. A few of the homes had been destroyed by flames but most of the city is untouched, but abandoned. It seems as if the villagers all got up and left. But why would they abandon their village and travel into the Frostback? As he searches a noise catches his attention from inside one of the homes. He stealthily maneuvers himself inside and notices a woman emerging from a hidden cellar. He tries to approach her and startles the woman in the process. Seeing that he is an elf she arms herself with a frying pan. Arcturus introduces himself and she recognizes him as the Arl’s 1/2 elf son. She pleads for help as she climbs down and brings up a frozen child who still breathes. She pleads for Arcturus to do something and when Arcturus tries to explain that nothing can be done she smacks him in the head and bolts. The world fuzzes for Arcturus.

The Montfort battle grows more dim as they soon realize that some of the frozen men attacking are the missing scouts. John and Glaurang fight as a team and soon realize that Lorien has stopped attacking with spells. Davies and he soon realize that she has fallen into the fade and move to protect her helpless form.

Lorien awakes to find herself facing a massive wolf standing in the spirit world. The wolf questions whether or not he should devour the human but Lorien stands her ground. She does not flee like prey but instead questions the beast hoping to sway it to her side. The beast asks if she knows who he is. Luckily, Lorien has studied elven culture and knows enough of their history to recognize the great dire wolf— Fen’Harel. Upon this Fen’Harel blesses her with a prophetic vision and sends her out of the Fade.

Lorien’s Prophecy
Fen Harel comes Bloodied and in Rage.
The Dread Wolf howls in the Wood and the snow falls crimson upon the land.
Warmth fades from the hearts of men and terror is born.
The Prison is torn asunder.
Beware the Shadows that steal your children and the blight which ices the soul.

The Night Fires die, and blood cries out to the Forgotten.
Too late too late, to mourn.
Harul, De Fear achba Na Sen yule.
The White moon blackens and the Forgotten One calls.
Harul, De Fear achba Na Sen yule.
Andruil Falters and Geldauran breathes again for the Evernight comes.
Yield to the white death or become slave to the Draugen.
For the Dead eclipse the living.
The Evernight comes…
The Evernight comes…

Arcturus arrives at that battle with child and woman in hand just as prophecy climaxes and a grey smoke pours out of the Runestone. The frozen men fall the magic possessing them fades and those of Montfort that are left are encircled by the grey smoke wolf like forms circling the perimeter of the camp. What have the Montfort’s unleashed?



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